The history of Trezeta® began in the 1920's from the vision and expert hands of Vittorio Zizzola who, inspired by the 3 Zs in his surname, gave life to the brand.

Every week, in his small lab in Crespano del Grappa, Vittorio made a few pairs of boots. When production was finished, he would get on his bicycle and pedal to Montebelluna, where he sold his shoes to farming families and anyone who liked to go to the mountains.

Thanks to word of mouth and the quality of the products, in a short time his boots became famous, production increased, and that's how the Trezeta® brand was born in the 1960's.

Over the years, the brand has been able to develop technologically advanced quality products that cover all types of mountain walking, from light trekking to Hans Kammerlander's important and challenging climbs.



The acquisition of the brand by M.G.M. S.p.A. marked a further development in the identity and technological level of the product. Trezeta® footwears have become more and more travel companions, a tool for enjoying not only the mountains but also the city, an essential instrument for giving moments of outdoor life in total harmony with nature, listening to self, and respecting one's own rhythms.

We started from this very point: the experience learned in the mountain footwear industry and the constant desire to discover the world, allowed us to expand our product offerings, developing a line of shoes dedicated to new urban world travelers.



Trezeta® is for those who can't wait to get on an airplane and fly to discover unexplored places, for those who love to orient, admire the landscape, breathe deeply and walk every path with a firm step. With Trezeta®, walking becomes a moment of introspection and a choice of well-being, a journey that aims at evolution and change thanks to firm roots and eyes looking to the future.

Choose your next destination and start walking with a confident step wearing Trezeta®.