Let's begin a journey to discover the beauty that surrounds us with a walk through the streets of Alba, the Piedmontese World Heritage city, famous for its white truffles and for being the home of Nutella.

The "capital of the Langhe," a human-scaled city renowned for pretty villages interspersed with vineyards and woods and for a remarkable culinary tradition.

A perfect destination for a short weekend getaway: Alba offers attractions for both lovers of history, urban trekking and for foodies who make culinary tours an indispensable component of their adventures.
Cultural attractions not to be missed:
  1. The 3 Towers: Torre Sineo, Torre Bonino and Torre Astesiano - the silent guardians of Piazza Duomo, built between 1100 and 1200.
  2. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo: one of the best-known and most beautiful Gothic buildings in Alba, commissioned by Andrea Novelli, bishop of the city at the time.
  3. The Town Hall: where famous frescoes dating back to the 1300s are kept, such as a "Pietà" and "Adoration of the Magi."
  4. Underground Alba: organized tours during which is possible to see some medieval towers, the theatre, the first baptismal fountain and the forum from the roman era guarded by the silence of the Albese underground.
Typical dishes to taste:
  1. Tajarin: homemade pasta served with butter, parmesan cheese and white truffle. A first course with a strong taste and intense flavour.
  2. Albese meat: knife-cut raw meat seasoned with lemon and, if in season, a generous slicing of white truffle.
  3. Bonet: chocolate pudding with marsala liquor and amaretti biscuits.
  4. A nice glass of Barolo or Dolcetto d'Alba red wine.
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