"A bicycle ride is an escape from sadness."
- James E. Starrs
Walks in the city, rides in the woods and bike rides with friends...with Trezeta shoes you can embark on any adventure.
Today we talk about Pesaro and its Bicipolitana. Accompanying us are Cristina and Francesco, creators of the Viaggiapiccoli blog and parents of Enrico and Giulia, who will give us some useful tips on organizing a trip on wheels with the whole family.
Let's saddle up and get going!
  1. Pesaro, the #cityofbiking.
  2. Riding with the whole family
  3. Now it's your turn!
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1. Pesaro, the #cityofbiking.
The Pesaro "bicipolitana" is a true bicycle metro created for two-wheelers that embraces the city of Pesaro and its fascinating surroundings. The layout is that of traditional subways: there are several lines that connect different parts of the city, allowing for quick, zero-cost, zero-pollution and zero-stress travel. A project that aims to promote sustainable and accessible transportation while enjoying the surrounding environment and the outdoors.

Some of the most interesting and scenic lines of the bicipolitana include:
  • - The red line 1 that follows the route of the old city wall of Pesaro's historic center;
  • - The light blue line 2 that follows the waterfront;
  • - The green line 3 that runs along the Foglia River.

That of the bicipolitana is not only a project that facilitates travel and connects various parts of Pesaro but a social connector that has restored previously unknown, abandoned or degraded places in the city.
2. Riding with the whole family
Cristina, Francesco: the word is yours!
"Is a cycling vacation with children a real mission beyond a family's strength or an unforgettable adventure? If, like us, you love active vacations, a bike itinerary with kids is super recommended. But be careful: to have fun biking with children you need to be prepared and adopt some "tricks "in times of difficulty. That's why we answer the two-wheeled themed questions that our followers ask us most often.”
Renting bicycles for children: yes or no?
Let's start with the tool: the bicycle. Over the years with Enrico and Giulia we have made several trips by bicycle, from Denmark (with three-year-olds in the cart) to Vienna, to the wonderful bike paths of Trentino. Especially in bike-friendly tourist destinations you are sure to find bikes or pedal-assisted e-bikes of all sizes that you can rent but our advice is, if you can, use their own bikes. They will be relaxed because they are already familiar with the bike while you will be carefree, confident that the bike works, the seat is comfortable, and the bike is their size.
How to choose the ideal route?
Having chosen the bike we need to choose the route. Let's start with the fact that children are much more resourceful and "reckless" than us adults, so a small dirt road or a climb instead of scaring them entertains them.
That said, study the route in advance and, above all, calibrate it well:
  • - Elevation gain
  • - Round trip travel time
  • - Time of the day (avoid the hottest hours)
  • - Time for a snack
When we rode the bike path from Arco to Riva del Garda with the seven-year-olds, we first did a small piece, then another, and finally rode all 22km serenely.
The advice therefore is to "train" a little together before tackling very long routes.
How to prepare for a bike day with children?
Having chosen the bike, studied the route, you need the equipment. To best prepare for a day of biking with children, what do you need?
  • - Helmet for the whole family
  • - Backpack
  • - Water
  • - Sunscreen
  • - Snack
The helmet is important for the little ones but also for adults who need to set an example. Also give your child a backpack, with a spare T-shirt (sweating is inevitable) and an empty bag to collect small treasures and mementos along the route. Don't forget water, sunscreen and a snack (after a good ride a snack is always needed!).
How to curb typical "tantrums" such as "I'm tired, I can't take it anymore, I don't want to"?
Now you are ready to ride but we are sure that at least once before you set off this doubt has crossed your mind, "if he has a tantrum and doesn't want to ride anymore, how do I do it?"
We have a foolproof trick: when choosing a route to bike, make sure that along the way (or even better at the end) there is a playground for breaks or as a final reward. "If you pedal a little more you get to a big playground," trust it will be super easy and the ride will flow smoothly.
On the way back instead, hide some candy or chocolate bars and a juice in your backpack... the surprise will be most welcome and will give new energy to your little ones.
At what age is it advised to let the child ride independently rather than sit in the trailer attached to an adult's bike?
Remember each child is unique, there are no better or less good children, more temperamental or less temperamental children, each child has his or her own time. Our advice is to start your child riding alone on very short, flat trails from the time he or she is five years old so that he or she can get used to being independent and capable of tackling (from age six onward) medium-long trails.
Is it advisable to divide the trip into several stages during the day rather than doing a "one pull"?
Dividing the biking day into stages is essential. Breaks for drinks, snacks, and perhaps a play break in a park are essential.
Have we convinced you to go on a biking adventure with children? If so, here are some final recommendations:
  • - Before letting your child ride alone, practice together how to recognize stop signs and always keep to the right.
  • - Always check the bikes before setting off: the brakes and chain should work and be well oiled, and the wheels should spin freely without constriction.
  • - Always put disposable gloves, spare inner tubes and a spray can for punctures in your backpack: if you get a puncture along the way and can't fix your bike, your day is ruined.
  • - Take a nice souvenir photo. You can also think about building a small travel diary that records the route, miles traveled, photos and drawings of each bike ride.
We are very sure that in the end it will be your little pedalers who will ask, "Shall we go on a bike ride?”
What shoes to wear?
Definitely footwear should be comfortable and breathable for both children and adults.
Trezeta's ZETA WP are beautiful, functional and comfortable: to be worn stylishly in every situation, even when traveling. A quality footwear that combines performance and design to experience the pleasure of walking at all times. The waterproof suede upper protects the foot with a touch of elegance and ensures durability and comfort all day long.

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