We love nature, our shoes are made to go to the mountains and the only trace we want them to leave are the indelible memories of the adventures you will live. For this reason, in order not to leave a trace, we have adopted green strategies to make our production more and more sustainable.
Renewable Energy
Our production is 100% powered by renewable energy. 80% of this energy is self-produced, thanks to the installation of solar panels on our plants, while the remaining 20% comes from Green certified suppliers, ensuring that each stage of production minimizes the environmental impact.
Sustainable leathers
All the leather used in our shoes come from a controlled supply chain. Animals are treated with care and respect, in accordance with high ethical standards. In addition, all leathers used come from the food industry thus ensuring a conscious and responsible use of resources.  
Local production
We manufacture our shoes in Europe, significantly reducing the environmental impact related to transport. This choice not only supports local economies, but also guarantees high standards of quality and workmanship.
Eco-sustainable packaging
All packaging used is eco-sustainable, made from recycled and fully recyclable materials. This approach further reduces our ecological footprint and strengthens our commitment to environmental protection.
This is the path we have started to take: we know that they are only the first steps and that we will continue to evolve to minimize "our tracks", our impact. Every time you buy a Trezeta product, you help us support a production that is friendly to nature and the environment and build a better future for us, our children, our land.