Trezeta's MAORI WP hiking boot is the synthesis of functionality and ideal comfort to tackle mixed mountain routes, daily hiking even with medium loads and to always have an optimal support, even when facing rough trails and particularly inaccessible terrain.
This very light boot has cutting-edge materials and construction technologies, which take advantage of the enormous know-how of Trezeta in the field of mountain boot manufacturing. The upper, in suede leather and synthetic fabric, is robust and at the same time light, favoring the natural transpiration of the foot, thanks to the weave of the synthetic panels. Ventilation is then facilitated by the presence of the Water Stopper membrane, an exclusive Trezeta technology, which prevents water and external elements from penetrating inwards and compromising the comfort of the shoe, to achieve long-lasting performance. Toe and heel have reinforcements for greater protection against obstacles, rock spikes and unforeseen events during walking.
Even on the sole block, there are perfect solutions for intensive use in a mountain environment: the wedge is made of microporous with different densities, which make the boot stable and cushioned, while the Vibram Winkler Evo outsole has a specific tessellation to provide an excellent degree of traction on all surfaces, with a thin profile for maximum lightness.